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1 Devonshire Gardens

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1 Devonshire Gardens

devon2Today was the fashionable West End of Glasgow for our weekly review on Afternoon Teas in 5 Star Hotels . 1 Devonshire Gardens is a B listed building comprising of 5 townhouses taking up an entire block on Great Western road . This early Victorian red brick Terrace built in the 1870s is quite commanding in this part of Glasgow and is impeccably well kept . Quite easy to park nearby and no horrific parking meters to pay for which is a bonus in the city . Afternoon Tea kicks off around 230pm most days but i arrived early and was served with no fuss . A Prompt and courteous reception on arrival was welcomed and we were shown into i presume a drawing room . Beautifully furnished in keeping with the Hotels age and historical background. Lovely leather comfortable seats and black watch tartan cushions abound with huge paintings of bottled "Vin" all adorning the walls . This Hotel is now part of the  "Hotel Du Vin" group . We were served immediately our Tea and not long after a 3 tier plate of Homemade finger sandwiches with salmon,roast beef and tuna. Homemade Scones were next and an overwhelming top tier of tiny little individual and original patisserie. The huge portions of delicious clotted cream and tiny little jars of preserve just about had me jumping for joy ( Dislike skimpy portions) . If you are looking for a classy ,relaxing Boutique Hotel in the trendy West end of Glasgow and feel like spoiling someone special i would recommend . Nice to see a slightly different variation on the run of the mill normal cake and sandwich choices on a High tea . The scones also i would recommend and i will tell you why. When you get a warm scone served to you- i worry how old or how fresh or how dry it was . This is the first Hotel in my small list so far that has served a scone cold and it was as fresh and light and full of flavour . A good baker i would say . Most people like a warm scone but in my line of work it usually hides a multitude of sins . So for the purpose of reviews serve me the scone the way it was served here at 1 Devonshire Gardens - Fresh as a daisy . At a reasonable price tag of £18-95 per head i Look forward to dropping in again soon - slainte