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Crieff Hydro

Crieff Hydro


Today was a crisp cold and snowy day for a drive through the Perthshire countryside and on to Crieff Hydro . My initial pit stop turned out to be fully booked at Gleneagles so this was quite a relief to be in in the warmth . I have never experienced anything quite like this immense building elevated over some of the most stunning Perthshire countryside. Absolutely everything you could want is at your fingertips in this 4 * Spa resort. It has the obvious perfect setting , a fully equipped swimming pool with victorian spa and all the extras. It has about 3 or 4 different dining experiences . One of these dining experiences was inside a beautiful conservatory with stunning views of the grounds and countryside. This Hydro also houses a fully equipped cinema, golf courses,childrens entertainment etc etc etc etc . I could go on and on as i was impressed but i wont digress . Firstly the staff in this hydro were very friendly , helpful and eager to chat ( Extrememly rare in a place of this size ) and that makes your experience so much better. I opted for the Downstairs Brasserie which i found through a maze of corridors and gift shops and totally spotless surroundings. Again i was seated at the window by very helpful friendly staff. Service was quick, efficient ,friendly and best of all the Fish was Fresh - what a revelation in such a huge place . Excellent food ,iced  water poured on arrival and in an informal atmosphere- great . My only complaint was the dessert menu ( About 3 choices ) and not a great dessert sadly but i would return if only for the fish . Great place and i would highly recommend for a family break or just the FISH !