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Linwood Farm

linwoodA rare day off today was spent with my Mother and sister whilst waiting for my car to be serviced. Our original lunch destination in Renfrew was closed so we headed to Linwood on a recommendation i had heard about via the website- Linwood farm. Linwood farm is actually not a farm strangely , but a division of Greene King - Farmhouse inns . On arrival i had the usual " judging a book by its cover moment" and thought i may have been sold a bogey by an anonymous web nomination . On entering we sat ourselves down and wondered how the whole thing operated - do we go to the counter or does someone come to you . In the end we asked how we ordered food and were told we had to go to the bar after looking at our menu and remembering our table number. This seemed easy enough ( Even for me ) We met a lovely lady from Greenock who told us how to order wisely ....... Armed with this information i proceeded to order a lunch carvery . I was then given a ticket a few minutes later and told to go the end of the queue and wait. My wait was not long and the choice of the carvery was one of the best i had seen in awhile. I had everything and all crammed onto a tiny plate . Roast beef, cooked ham, mashed potato , roast potato , all sorts of vegetables , gravy , sauces, onions in red wine, yorkshire puddings, cauliflower cheese ( My favourite and boy could you taste the cheese ) and so much more - very impressive, but the most impressive thing for me was at 2pm (Which is when  the carvery ends abruptly ) the food was still piping hot and fresh . Yes i will be back for this carvery . The cakes which are indeed impressive as you enter , mainly for their size , (felt like you were in Gullivers travels ) were the next on our list . My mother had a roulade which would have fed at least 6 and was impressive in size which pleased her sweet tooth. I had the Chocolate Fudge which was just ridiculously huge ( even for my apetite) . I can see the appeal for people and i like the brand regarding the cakes but in my humble opinion they were not as good as they looked. They were all size and no substance. They were also a great price and you could takeaway . The staff were regimental and lacked warmth albeit efficient. Would i recommend - yes i would certainly for the carvery and for the wow factor with the size of the cakes. See you soon Linwood Farm.