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The Spanish Connection

I am absolutely delighted to finally announce the forthcoming Spanish Connection in the World of Artisan Baking .

I will now be dividing my time between My beloved Homeland of Scotland and my long love that is Spain .

Over the last few years i have seen the growth in Artisan Baking in pockets all over Spain and i am now delighted

to be a part of this enterprising future . In the next 12 months i have my work cut out as i will be starting a new

" Spanish Baking Awards " in conjunction with the existing successful " Scottish Baking Awards" . My eventual

aim will be to have a worldwide Awards system that includes all the main countries competing . The diverse and

amazing different styles of baking that exists in every country in such to be celebrated and learned from. Muchas

Gracias to all my Spanish counterparts that have helped me and supported me massively in even getting this far .

Watch this space folks . !!